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J. Adam Engel, LLC is a boutique law practice dedicated to representing individuals facing serious criminal charges such as white collar crimes and computer crimes, including appeals.

Engel offers more than 15 years of experience and is a recognized source for assertive legal representation Ohio. Engel has significant experience handling Fourth and Fifth Amendment cases involving search and seizure matters and Miranda rights issues, and has written extensively on these issues.  An experienced former prosecutor, trial lawyer, and appellate advocate,  Engel partners with clients and works directly with them in order to determine the best route to pursue.

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Recent News

June 26, 2012

Engel published an article in Law Technology News: Courts Still Divided on Police Searches of Cell Phones. In the article, Engel discusses a recent Colorado opinion on cell phone searches. Engel notes that a Colorado court has continued the split among courts about the ability, under the Fourth Amendment, for police to search cell phones. The case is People v. Taylor, Colo. Court of Appeals, 5th Div. No. 09CA2681 (June 7, 2012).

In Taylor, the police justified the cell phone search of a suspected drug dealer under the "search incident to arrest" exception to the warrant requirement. In brief, under this exception to the Fourth Amendment, police may search any objects in the possession or reach of an arrested person.

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