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Unusual Criticism From Prosecutor After Appeals Court Dismisses Another Drug Case for Improper Venue

An Ohio Appeals Court dismissed drug trafficking case for improper venue, promoting unusual public criticism from an elected prosecutor.

The court had previously dismissed a related case for a similar reason.

The case is State v. Sparks, 2014-Ohio-1130.

In 2011, the Warren County Drug Task Force began investigating an alleged marijuana trafficking ring.  Undercover officers purchased marijuana on three different occasions in the Mason, Warren County, Ohio area.

The Task Force determined that the dealer had purchased his marijuana from a married couple in Hamilton Countyand from someone who grew marijuana in Butler and Hamilton Counties.  The Defendant grew marijuana for one of the suppliers at a house in Hamilton County. In exchange for growing and processing marijuana, the Defendant was allowed to stay in the house rent-free, and received a few hundred dollars every month.

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Statement of Confidential Informant Improperly Admitted in Drug Trafficking Trial

An Ohio Court of Appeals found that the statement of a confidential informant that the defendant had sold him drugs should not have been admitted at a drug trafficking trial on unrelated charges.

The case is State v. Robinson, 2012-Ohio-6068.

The defendant was convicted of possession of crack cocaine, trafficking of crack cocaine, and having a weapon under disability.

The facts started in 2008.  A Detective of the Toledo Police Department received information from a confidential informant of drugs being sold at a location that Clifford Robinson was at.  The police conducted surveillance researched past crime reports at the location which led them to believe that drug trafficking was taking place.

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